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Climate Change Video Contest

Enter your video by 11:59pm PST on October 16th, 2022 

Our world is already reeling from the catastrophic impacts of the climate crisis, and our failure to act with urgency is putting at grave risk the future of youth and the generations that come after. Unfortunately, the older generations who are most responsible for this mess, are not acting as if it's an existential crisis. Is it time for a friendly intervention? Create a short video on the theme of inter-generational dialog that sparks conversations, challenges status quo thinking, and engenders empathy and action.

Contest Top

Category 1: Youth (25 and under)
Prompt: ‘Hey Grown-ups’

What would you and fellow youth say to older generations and parents everywhere who are still sitting on the sidelines and are failing in their duty to secure a safe and livable future for their kids. Parents tell their kids to act responsibly, clean up their messes, work hard for a better future etc. Have they followed these same principles when it comes to taking care of our home planet? Be creative - feel free to use parody, role-play, theater etc. while still conveying the seriousness of what is at stake. Let's spark millions of dinner table conversations and inspire more parents to be champions for change at their homes, work, communities and most importantly by electing climate leaders.

Category 2: Parents / Elders

Prompt: What is it like to be a parent/guardian in the time of climate crisis?

What worries do you have for your kids as we face the climate crisis. What would you tell other parents about the threats the climate crisis poses to our children’s future? As a parent/guardian or loved one, what motivates you to act? What would you say to your kids when they ask you – “Mom, dad – what did you do about the climate crisis when you had the chance?” What actions would you like to see from our government and what do voters need to know for the 2022 mid-term elections?

Contest Prizes

Youth category:

1st Prize: $2,000

2nd Prize: $1000

3rd Prize: $500

Parent category:

1st Prize: $1,000

2nd Prize: $500

3rd Prize: $250

General Guidelines

  • Our approach is to support media that is hard-hitting and thought-provoking but accessible so it can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life – from kids in grade school to grandmas etc. That means packaging serious topic such as climate change with entertainment, humor, parody, satire (think Jon Stewart, John Oliver etc.). So, infuse your videos with humor, heart and entertainment!

  • Shareability: the aim of the contest is to reach and inspire as many people as possible, so create the video with shareability in mind – grab and keep viewers’ attention and make it attractive for sharing with friends and family

  • Keep it current: refer to current events, for example, extreme weather events, mid-term elections.

How to Enter

  1. Create a short video (3 minutes or less) based on the prompts above
  2. Upload your video to both YouTube and TikTok. It is optional to upload to other platforms.
    • If you are using YouTube, please select “public” or “unlisted” from the privacy menu.

    • Name your video. For the Youth category, the title should be "Hey grown-ups" or "Hey parents". For the Parents category, the title should be "Dear children" or "Dear future generations"

    • Write a description about the video and issue(s) you are highlighting.

    • Include hashtags #climatechange, #climateaction, #unitedbyearth

  3. Fill out the online Entry Form (one per individual or team). Send the link to the video to if you're selected as a prize winner, be prepared to submit your video file directly to us

Contest Rules

  • Contest is open for submission until 11:59 pm PST on Sunday October 16, 2022

  • Videos must be 3 minutes or less in length

  • Contest is open to anyone in one of the categories described above – Youth or Parents

  • Video must be in the English language or have English subtitles

  • Entrants can be individual or a team. Each video must have one Lead Producer to serve as the main point of contact. Prize will be shared by all producers listed on the entry form.

  • Videos must be an original creation, must not have been produced for compensation and not previously posted elsewhere on any video platforms.

  • No copyrighted materials (music, images, video clips, etc.) may be used for this contest unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material.

  • Videos that contain any profanity, derogatory remarks, or references to violence will be disqualified

  • The judges' decision is final. Videos will be judged based on interpretation of the theme, creativity, production quality, visual effects and overall presentation.

  • Entrants will retain all rights to their work, but agree to grant UnitedByEarth and our partner organizations a royalty-free, irrevocable right to use, reproduce, promote, distribute, perform and exhibit your video without further compensation or notification. 

  • Participants will be rightfully credited as the creators of their videos.  However, UnitedByEarth cannot be held responsible for inadvertent or clerical errors in promoting the video by themselves or partner organizations for failure to do the same. 

  • Personal information collected for the contest will never be sold. The information collected for the contest will only be used to contact participants in direct relation to the contest.

  • If selected as a finalist, everyone who is identifiable in your video will be asked to fill out a release waiver, with the signature of a parent or guardian if under18.

  • Please fill out the online Entry Form for your video to be eligible

Questions? Email

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